Forming positive child behavior young.

child behavior - Child looking at toothbrush in disgust

Man the draw bridge! Light the arrows! Prepare the catapult!

All joking aside, we all know the struggle it can be in shaping positive child behavior. Getting them to perform just the bare necessities of personal hygiene and maintenance including  brushing their teeth is what you can start working on today.

We at Tilegne Therapy understand child behavior and recognize this struggle and are hoping to reach out and provide you with useful tips and tricks in getting your little ones to take some independence in looking after themselves.


Tip number 1: You’re a team!

child behavior - Child and mother brushing teeth together smiling

Child behavior often reflects very closely to the behavior exposed to them by their parents. This means, we as parents have a incredible influence over their habits by showing them ours.
So brushing your teeth with them every morning in critical in passing on this important habit and improving child behavior!


Tip number 2: You got to give to get!


child behavior - Boy holding up toothbrush smiling

There is nothing better than doing something with someone you look up to but doing it your way. This is the same with young children, if you want to positively effect child behavior you need to give them independence to work with.
We suggest letting your child pick out and buy their own tooth brush and tooth paste. This lets them feel control and choice over the activity and keeping us happy as well!


Tip number 3: Show them how to boogie!


child behavior - Mother and daughter brushing their teeth laughing

We may think brushing our teeth is a straight forward endeavor, and it is, once you know how to do it! But to our little ones it’s the most excruciating boring 2 minutes of their life’s.

So making it fun and educational is critical in nurturing positive child behavior. Try signing while you brush your teeth! You’ll possibly look and sound ridiculous but if you can get them to laugh and take note to how you brush your teeth, then you have taken one step closer to building that habit of dental hygiene. If your child knows every morning and evening they get to see their mum or dad act like a total rock star they might even look forward to it.


Tip number 4: Learn together!

child behavior - Girl holding giant mouth model

Check out this fun DIY giant mouth model you can make together. Teaching them the important parts as you go along.

how to make and brush your teeth with a giant mouth model!

Still having trouble with child behavior and getting your child to perform their daily living activities, such as brushing their teeth? Our Occupational Therapists can work with your children to be able to perform daily living activities independently.

So if your child is experiencing difficulties with his/her activities of daily living, call us at:
04 2271 6889 for a specialist appointment to see how we can help.

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