How to Exercise at Home If You Missed Your Physiotherapy?

Recovering and getting stronger takes time, effort and patience. But even though you know you should never miss your physiotherapy, it can be challenging at times to fit it in your schedule. We all live busy lives and this inevitably happens, so here how to get organised and efficiently exercise at home.

Whether you have sore muscles, disability or you just need to regain strength after injury, physiotherapy will help you manage pain, prevent disease and feel stronger or more flexible. If you are working with an experienced physiotherapist, you have probably been getting ‘homework’ to do, at least occasionally? You already know that exercising at home can be very helpful too, especially when you miss your appointment at the doctors. If you persistently train 3-5 times per week, you will get visible results after just a few weeks. Depending on your condition, it may take more time to improve your health, but it is extremely important to keep the enthusiasm and exercise continually. Here is how to motivate yourself to do your workout even when you have a busy day.

Set the Alarm

On a very busy day, it is easy to forget to exercise, so make sure to immediately include this activity in your daily schedule. Whether it is a longer 30 or 45 minutes workout or a shorter version, put it in your diary and set the alarm to remind you. Use your favourite app for planning activities so that it is even harder to forget about exercising.

Make It into a Habit

It will be much easier to keep yourself motivated to exercise at home if it becomes a part of your daily routine. Since it usually takes weeks or months to fully rejuvenate and rebuild your muscles, it will be helpful to turn your workout into a habit you love such as having a delicious breakfast or going shopping. Even five minutes of doing exercises every day can be extremely beneficial for your health and you can always find time to it

Combine Physio Exercises with Another Activity

No time to exercise properly? No problem! There are so many easy ways to include your workout into your daily schedule without eliminating anything important from your to-do list. You can always exercise while doing something else such as having a lunch break at the office, waiting for a train, cooking dinner or even while watching your favourite series on television. Or just set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and exercise in the morning.

Do a Short Version of Your Daily Routine on a Busy Day

There will be days when you just need to prioritise. If there is no time for an extended version of your workout, perhaps you can do a shorter one? Instead of training for 30 minutes, you can just perform a couple of exercises which you think are the most important for your condition. When speaking with your doctor, ask them to make a list of 3 to 5 key exercises that target the muscles you need to work on. Some exercises can even be done while you are brushing your teeth, so there are no excuses to be lazy.

Monitor Your Progress

One thing that will make you motivated is your progress with the recovery. If you exercise persistently, your performance will be getting better. Why not try to measure it and write down your progress every time you finish with your workout. Did you have less pain? Did you have better movements? Were you exercising longer? Have you felt less tired than yesterday? Keep track of your activities and feelings to see how rewarding it actually is.

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