Hayati Surani

Hayati Surani

Hayati Surani (Waitlist open for Footscray)

Senior Occupational Therapist


Hayati, hailing from a Singaporean background, is our Senior OT with a

Special interest in children’s OT, although she has extensive experience working with adults.

She’s a bit of a foodie, so be sure to chat to her about some local recommendations!

Hayati is an experienced bilingual senior therapist in the community setting. She completed her Masters of Occupational Therapy from the University of Canberra (2017). Hayati was exposed to various settings including neurosurgery and stroke in the hospital setting as well as within a paediatric clinic. Hayati has developed broad experience in residential aged-care facilities and the community, working with a diverse range of ages, cultural, health and medical backgrounds. Hayati has a special interest in the adult population, passionate about collaborating with clients to prolong and maintain independence in ADLs, as well as with Assistive Technology prescription and ongoing routine practice to be able to achieve quality of life. She is passionate about creating a safe environment that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to every child’s needs, abilities and motivations. Hayati is also involved with an organisation for Malay youths in Melbourne, organising events to promote cultural connectedness and social inclusion. In her free time, she enjoys a balance of exploring the outdoors chasing sunsets as well as staying indoors as a movie buff. She speaks English and Malay, can converse in basic Indonesian and Japanese, and is currently picking up the Arabic language on the weekends.

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