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Tilegne (pronounced as “Tilliney”) Therapy is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy, and dietetics to people of all ages throughout Metro Melbourne. Our allied health specialists offer both mobile and clinic-based services. We can come to you at your home or work, or you are welcome to attend one of our clinic locations.

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Tilegne Therapy is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers Speech, OT, Music Therapy and dietetics. We aim to offer a service where our therapists can work together in order to support the goals of each patient.

Speech Pathology

We offer speech pathology to the young and old. For children we specialise in: Hanen, Autism, Talktools, Social skills, Articulation & Stuttering programs. For adults we specialise in: managing communication, swallowing & cognitive difficulties that may arise from medical conditions (e.g. Stroke, Parkinson’s), or head/ neck surgery or disability.


Our Melbourne and Adelaide based Physiotherapists are experts in movement & function, helping clients relieve pain and achieve independence. We work with a variety of medical conditions including sport, exercise, injury, ageing or disability.


Our Accredited Practising Dietitians are passionate about promoting health, illness prevention and treatment, achieving optimal nutrition. We offer dietetics for children e.g. fussy eating, underweight, obesity and dietetics for adults e.g. diabetes education, dietary and nutrition advice.

Music Therapy

Our Registered music therapists can help the young and old to improve health, functioning, wellbeing and enhance quality of life. We can help with Autism, social skills, speech-language development, motor skill development, body movement, memory, cognitive function and pain management.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists help clients achieve their full potential. We can assist with self-care tasks, fine motor skills, home modifications or adaptive equipment.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme

YGAP is a strong business supporter of Tilegne Therapy as part of its First Gens program, supporting game-changing impactful ventures and diverse founders to create a better Australia

Winner of Enterprise Maribyrnong Award for New and Emerging Business, Tilegne Therapy

Maribyrnong City Council formally acknowledged the efforts of Tilegne Therapy for our work and contribution to the City of Maribyrnong by creating equal access to therapy for people with disabilities from non-English speaking and culturally diverse backgrounds. Tilegne Therapy provides a holistic and culturally appropriate approach to therapy that takes into account crucial differences between cultures and ethnicities that may impact on the outcomes of therapy for its clientele.

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