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Standard therapy appointments are usually 45-50 minute session. Intake (initial) appointments are slightly longer. Full payment is expected at the time of the appointment. Prices will vary for NDIS participants. For information regarding our fee schedule for our various services please contact our friendly team.

Clients with NDIS funding may be eligible to access funded therapy supports, depending on what category your funding is allocated to, and how your plan is managed.

Please note: It is not a requirement of NDIS to provide your plan to Tilegne Therapy. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they have appropriate and adequate funds available prior to attending any service at Tilegne Therapy.


Travel charges may apply and can vary according to the number of clients seeking services in the same area. Travel charges will be confirmed upon provision of a travel quote.


A reminder email will be sent out two days prior to any appointment scheduled, and a reminder text will be sent 1 day before the appointment at Tilegne Therapy.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours of notice and missed appointments will incur full fees. Please contact our friendly staff as soon as you know you’re unable to attend an appointment.

There are no Medicare or Private Health rebates available for cancellation fees.

*NDIS participants cancellation fees will be reflective of the current NDIS Price Guide which allows for up to 100% of the fee for non-attendance or less than 24 hours cancellation of a session.

For more information, please feel free to contact us here.


Tilegne therapy is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. Participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are billed according to the NDIS. In order to provide your child with support we require a copy of your NDIS plan in order to register you as a client. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff if you require further information or visit the NDIS website at

NDIS Funding

NDIS Self Managed, NDIS Plan Managed and NDIA Managed Funding Options

Clients with NDIS funding may be eligible to access funded therapy supports at Tilegne Therapy, depending on what category your funding is allocated to, and how your plan is managed.

Please note: It is not a requirement of NDIS to provide your plan to Tilegne Therapy.
Therefore, it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they have appropriate and adequate funds available prior to attending any service at Tilegne Therapy.

Please read below for more information on how you can use your NDIS funds at Tilegne Therapy.

If you have NDIS funding which is Self Managed:

  • Full payment of the standard appointment cost is required at the time of your appointment.
  • A copy of your paid invoice will be emailed to you to claim directly through your NDIS portal.

If you have NDIS funding which is NDIS Plan Managed:

  • Sessions are charged in accordance with the current NDIS Price Guide. Please click hereto obtain a copy of the NDIS price guide.
  • Reception will require the details of your third party plan manager (and any invoice requirements) prior to attending sessions at Tilegne Therapy.
  • Invoices will be emailed directly to your nominated third party plan manager for payment.

If you have NDIS funding which is NDIA Managed:

  • Sessions are charged in accordance with the current NDIS Price Guide. Please click hereto obtain a copy of the NDIS price guide.
  • Invoices will be claimed directly with NDIS by Tilegne Therapy.
  • Reception will require your child’s NDIS participant details to create a Service Agreement. You are required to allocate a pool of funding to Tilegne Therapy prior to attending any session at the practice.

Please note: Tilegne Therapy is only registered to supply supports to children over the age of 7 (Therapeutic Supports) with funding allocated under CB: Daily Activity: Improved Daily Living. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure your child plan has funding under this category.


Eligible clients may be able to claim a rebate through Medicare. Clients will need to discuss eligibility with their GP. Clients using Chronic Disease Management CDMP (formerly Enhanced Primary Care) plans through Medicare will need to make payment on the day. Please bring your referral form and medicare card with you to your appointment.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates available through a GP or Paediatrician

You may be entitled to access a Medicare plan to help cover the cost of sessions.

When utilising a Medicare plan, we ask you pay in full on the day of your appointment. We can then process the rebate for you and Medicare will deposit your rebate into your nominated account. Alternatively, we can provide you with a copy of your paid invoice, and you can claim directly with Medicare.

Some important points to note:

  • To receive a rebate for your session, all referrals must be dated prior to/on the day of the scheduled appointment at Tilegne Therapy.  A rebate cannot be claimed for an appointment dated before the MHTP. GP’s and Paediatricians do not ‘back-date’ referrals.
    Please present all referrals to reception prior to attempting to access a Medicare rebate.
  • The rebate amount may differ based on your past paid medical expenses. If you have spent a certain amount on medical related costs across the calendar year, you may have reached the Medicare safety net. In this case, Medicare will pay for 80% of your out of pocket expenses. If you believe you are close to/have reached this threshold, contact Medicare Australia directly. For more information, please refer to the Medicare website.

Please see your GP or Paediatrician to see if you are eligible for one of the following plans:

In order to discuss the possibility of accessing the Mental Health Treatment Plan (“MHTP”) under the Better Access to Mental Health Initiative, ensure you book an appointment with your GP or paediatrician prior to your psychology appointment.

Your doctor can provide an initial 10 sessions of therapy with a Medicare rebate. The practitioner will then provide the referring GP with a written letter commenting on the progress made across the 10 sessions. After this 10th session, you must make an appointment with the referring doctor to review the progress made. If required, the GP will allow for a further 10 sessions with a Medicare rebate and provide you with a new referral letter to provide to Tilegne Therapy. Once all 20 sessions have been utilised, the review process will resume again (if necessary) by the practitioner and you may return to your GP for another MHTP review plan (up to 10 sessions).

Please note: If you have already claimed 20 sessions through the Medicare MHTP for the calendar year, these added review sessions cannot be accessed until January of the following year. The process may then repeat until practitioner support is no longer required.

In addition to individual psychology sessions, a MHTP also entitles a client to access 10 group sessions with a registered psychologist. This includes some (but not all) social skill groups run by Tilegne Therapy. Much like individual sessions, these group sessions are provided across a calendar year.

For more information on Mental Health Care Plans, please visit the Medicare website

A Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) (formerly known as an EPC – Enhanced Primary Care Plan) entitles a client with a chronic/complex medical illness a referral for up to 5 session per calendar year with a range of allied health professionals as determined by your GP, and may include: Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology.

A CDMP can be accessed through a GP – similar to the process/guidelines outlined above for the MHTP. There is no session review period with the GP for the CDMP.

There is no group rebate available for this plan.

Paediatricians cannot issue CDMP to clients.

The Helping Children with Autism Program (HCWA), provides Medicare rebatable sessions to families to assist with the costs associated in the early diagnosis and treatment of children with autism or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). This plan can only be unlocked by a paediatrician or psychiatrist to access a Medicare rebate for sessions relating to Autism or PDD.

Please note, the following guidelines are applied to the HCWA benefit scheme:

  • HCWA can be utilised for children undergoing Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and/or assessment services for a child under the age of 13 years (up to 4 x Assessment Sessions).
  • Once diagnosed by a Paediatrician, a child can be delegated up to a further 20 treatment sessions to use until the age of 15. These services must be activated by a paediatrician before the child’s 13th birthday.

These services are a once per lifetime service that cannot be reactivated once exhausted.

Clients and their dependents who have the Department of Veteran Affairs cards are eligible for rebates on our therapy services.

Families may be able to claim sessions through private health insurance. We offer claims through a number of private health funds below. Please contact your health insurer to determine your level of health cover.

Private Payment

Private referrals and Private Health

Clients are able to access supports at Tilegne Therapy without a referral from a GP or Paediatrician. This method of access will incur the full out of pocket cost to the client.

Private health insurance may be utilised depending on your level of cover – please check with your insurer to determine your entitlements before attending your appointment.

Payments can be made via our online Payment Portal.

Alternatively, you can pay your invoice via reception, over the phone or via internet banking.

Please include your invoice number on all online payments.

Our Services

Training / Professional Development Workshops

Training programs in the pipeline to be held within the city of Melbourne:

    1. PECS Basic
    2. PECS Advanced
    3. Stop. Think. Do – Train the Trainers
    4. Classroom Strategies for managing Behaviours of students with ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia
    5. Introduction to PROMPT
    6. Social Stories™ – How to Write and Implement a Social Story
    7. Using RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) Principles to Understand and Manage Behaviour
    8. A symphony of musical strategies to enhance young children’s speech, language, emergent literacy and communication skills
    9. DIR®/FloortimeTM 101 DIR Model
    10. Hanen programmes

Check back for more training programs coming soon!

Our Services


  • We offer additional quality rehabilitation services on site through EPC, DVA and privately.
  • We have extensive experience in the Allied Health Services arena.
  • Therapists to provide locum services for Home Support Programs.


  • Tilegne Therapy will coordinate and manage the Allied Health staff - with the company having extensive knowledge and experience in managing Allied health teams.
  • We send you one professional itemised bill fortnightly and we pay all the Allied health staff, making the transaction easy for you
  • We have a personally developed standard contract that meets the requirements of Residential Aged Care Facilities ( e.g. Police check, registration, insurance levels etc)

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