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About Us

You At The Heart Of What We Do

Tilegne (known as “Tilliney”) Therapy empowers you in the rehabilitation process through collaborative partnerships with your therapists. Skilled in most languages and equipped with diverse international experiences, our Allied Health specialists offer you the edge in your treatment program. We offer comprehensive allied health services for children, adults and seniors throughout Metro Melbourne.

We offer both mobile and clinic-based services. We can come to you at your place of residence or work, or you are welcome to attend one of our clinic locations.

Why Choose Us

We Are Always Ready To Support You

At Tilegne Therapy, we are pro-different, that is, we celebrate diversity!

That is why we understand that finding the right therapist often involves more than what is on paper (qualifications, years of experience, specialty). Don’t get us wrong, those things matter too.


Louisa Ong
Clinical Manager
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We've Helped People Just Like You

However, finding the right fit can come down to many other factors, including personality, compatibility due to cultural factors and shared perspectives which allow you and your therapist to work together towards your goals (with ease!).

Our therapists come from many walks of life which aim to connect with and provide access to therapy for minority populations which reside in Melbourne’s west.

We encourage you to talk to us about any concerns or thoughts so that we can ensure your time with Tilegne Therapy is a positive one with growth.

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Years of Experiece

Our Mission

Tilegne Therapy specialises in the provision and coordination of multidisciplinary team services including:

We can offer individual rehabilitation services or a fully comprehensive team approach that integrates the services and strategies you need to achieve the best outcome. We also specialise in matching your request to the service provider with the best skill-set to meet your needs. Click here for more information on our services.

Our Vision

Tilegne is a Norwegian word meaning “to learn, to acquire”. Tilegne Therapy strives to create an inclusive city within Melbourne by supporting our multicultural clients to live the best life they possibly can and embracing opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our team of specialists have a vision to provide,

Our Promise

We promise that we will,

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