Telehealth is an online alternative to in-person therapy. It allows for therapists to engage with patients via teleconferencing with video, audio and other visual prompts.

Telehealth is supported by Zoom, an online teleconferencing service. Each conference call is referred to as a ‘meeting’, where your clinician will be able to connect with you via the internet to deliver online sessions.

Internet access, a laptop/Ipad/desktop computer with video and audio capabilities. You will also need to download the Zoom program or app on your device – our staff can guide you through this. Before commencing, please sign the Teletherapy Information Consent form.

Telehealth is supported by NDIS, however currently Medicare and Private Health funds do not currently offer rebates. Please contact us for more details.

There is evidence supporting the use of online sessions for speech therapy and occupational therapy, indicating that these services are usually at least as effective as standard therapy. Your clinicians are doing additional training in current best practice online therapy models, to ensure that they are still providing quality, evidence-based practice. Online therapy services allow people who may otherwise be unable to access therapy to get the support they need.

In majority of cases, it is beneficial or necessary to have a carer, or facilitator, present with the client. This individual may resolve technical issues, support service provision as appropriate, manage materials and camera angles, verify observations, and respond to urgent situations.

Facilitators are key in ensuring that the client’s environment is private, secure, and distraction-free. Although some clients may be safely and effectively served without an onsite facilitator, having someone else present helps to reduce risk and promote generalisation of skills to other contexts.

Please email or call admin staff to book an online therapy appointment. You will also need to schedule a test call, to be conducted prior to your first appointment, to ensure you are comfortable using the system.

Feel free to contact us with any further queries: // (03) 9067 6888

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Telehealth Speech and Occupational Therapy

Do you still need therapy during lockdown? Our experienced and friendly therapists give consultations with online videoconferencing. Nothing beats a face-to-face visit but during social isolation, it’s impossible. Online telehealth therapy sessions are the next best thing. All sessions are private and secure. Telehealth is easy to get started while safely maintaining social distancing from your own home!

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